Easy Tips to Make Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Tulle Pew Bows

If you are wondering how to add elegance and beauty to your wedding décor, then tulle pew bows are the perfect option to go for.

Tulle rolls are the fine netting materials, which can be used for various purposes due to their elegant look. The rolls come in various shades and sizes as well and for more classy looks, tulle also comes with metallic sparkles, which are carefully fused into the material.

Perfect Fit

For the perfect measurement of tulle for your wedding tulle pew bow, you should go for a 6 inch wide roll that is mostly available in 25 or 100 yards of spool. However, 25 yard spool is a better choice as they are smaller in size and easy to handle. This can also reduce the chances of you tangling up with your work.

The benchmark of a normal pew box is 10 inches wide by 20 inches long approximately, from top to the end of the fluttering tails. Consider cutting a cardboard, which is 10 inches across to perfectly measure the material by using it as a template. Start wrapping up the tulle around the template with one layer over other. Repeat the process until you are fine with the tulle fullness. Make sure that you use ample amount of material, as a good amount of material makes a perfect full looking bowas a not-so-full bow tends to be droopy and loose when hung.


After the Wrapping Is Done With

When you are done with your wrapping, smartly and cautiously slip the wrapped tulle off the cardboard and carefully tie a long coloured curling ribbon to it, exactly in the centre with a tight knot such that it makes two different loops. Make sure that the knot is perfectly in the centre so that it is exactly 5 inches from both sides. Also, remember to tie the knot tightly as loose tying can let the bow fall apart when the individual loops are pulled. The coloured curling ribbon, when the loops are fluffed out, will be completely concealed giving out two ribbon streamers in the back for simple and easy fitting to the pew or chairs.


Show Your Creativity

Creativity has no end and you can always be more creative and unique with your ideas. You can design multi-coloured bows or add some accessories and enhancements like silk floral, baby’s breath, greenery or other things for a signature look. But, if you wish to stick to the traditional look, then it’s definitely a good idea too as these simple bows can add a lot of elegance and sophistication to your wedding decorations and can make a beautiful and perfect place for you to walk down the aisle.

Show Your Creativity

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Andria Wilson is a fashion designer who regularly contributes fashion tips and shopping advices to pick up the latest fashion apparels, and accessories at the best prices.