Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Dress for a Summer Getaway

Dressing up on the summer season requires careful consideration as this is the time women tend to expose more skin. A good dress for summer must be lightweight with thin materials that feel cool and comfortable to the skin. For some women summer is all about dresses since they can’t wear them during fall or winter months.

When choosing a dress for summer it is important to consider the dress style or pattern, length, colour, fabric and the body type. Not all trends may look good for everyone. The following tips can help you find the best dress for a summer getaway.

Tips in Choosing a Summer Dress

  • Summer dress style – A unique pattern or style evokes freedom and leisure. The scarf dresses are among the best examples for stylish summer dresses. Their unique style is perfect for summer BBQs, yacht parties and beach cove-ups. These versatile dresses are truly fabulous pieces to own. Floral dresses are also popular during summer. However, those who are petite should not choose large floral designs to avoid overwhelming the body frame.



  • Hot summer dress length – Being always under the heat of the sun during summer does not necessarily mean wearing short skirts or dresses. Those who are not comfortable with exposing their legs may choose longer dresses. Tall women can choose long dresses and shorter ladies can wear short summer dresses.


Hot summer dress length

  • Summer dress trendy colours – The colour a person chooses should blend with one another. Those who want to wear a single colored dress should go for a brighter shade. Avoid too much black or grey so that the outfit will not look too depressing. A green, coral, yellow, pink or white dress can be a great pick. Petite women should choose well fitted one colored dress.


Summer dress trendy colours

  • Summer dress material or fabric – There are certain types of materials for a summer dress that one should avoid buying. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are hot and uncomfortable. Cotton and other non synthetic materials can be the best choice for summer season. Women should also look for a material that is easy to wash and dries up quickly.


Summer dress material or fabric

Kinds of Dresses for Hot Season

To create a feminine look with soft and flattering touch choose one with scoop neck, smocked waist look and full sweeping skirt. To shine among other travellers for Marrakech holidays, mini dress with multi colored bright prints, wide cuff skirts, sleeveless and draped neckline will do the trick. For those who want to look more innocent, sleeveless A-line dresses with empire waistline and V-neck cut are the best. Women should also choose a smocked waist and sleeveless dress with a belt above waist for a feminine summer party dress.

Kinds of Dresses for Hot Season

Women who prefer to look sporty on their summer getaway should wear white fitted T-shirts with nude bra. This is the best way to make a bra invisible. Invisible underwear is also good on a flimsy dress. One should be body conscious in dressing up for a summer holiday. For a short, it’s a good idea to choose an ultra short cut. Above the knee is a more flattering length. A slightly loose short is a must have for more comfort.