6 Useful Tips to Maintain Baby Clothes in Top-Notch Condition

Several new parents are confused and nervous about the right way of maintaining their newborn’s clothes. This is because maintaining the clothes of babies is as difficult as maintaining the baby itself. The clothes are likely to get damaged easily since they are very soft.

Few of them may not be branded baby clothes, which are even more difficult to maintain, since they may deter in quality right from the very first wash. However.

Now, here are few tips that can help you in maintaining the hygiene of baby clothes in general.

  • Whenever you purchase a new garment for your little one, ensure that you wash it before use. This helps to get rid of the chemicals and dirt from the fabric and thus maintain the hygiene. This may seem to be trivial, but remember that your baby’s skin would be very sensitive and there are chances of skin infections due to the chemicals.

Baby Clothes in Top-Notch

  • Buy a detergent that is suitable for washing baby clothes. There are products like Dreft available in the market, particularly for washing baby clothes. The main idea here is to use a detergent that is free from dyes and fragrance. The usual laundry detergents may be too harsh on the skin of a baby and may cause itching or irritation to baby skin.
  • Always remember to run the baby clothes on a second rinse cycle. This will make sure that no detergent particles remain on the garments.
  • One more useful tip to maintain the hygiene of baby clothes is to iron them after drying in order to kill the residual bacteria that could be in the clothes after washing.

Baby Clothes

  • There are three kinds of baby clothes- party wear, normal daily wear and inner garments. When you dress up your young one in a party wear for a special occasion, remember to change the dress as soon as the event is over before the baby messes up the dress. Use a mild soap to wash these clothes. The normal daily wear dresses can get too messy, particularly when feeding the child. Remember to use a bib while feeding to reduce the mess. If there are any tough stains, use a mild detergent to soak the dress overnight before washing, but don’t do the mistake of using a harsh chemical detergent. As for the undergarments, use mild products again and clean them. It is very important to dry the inner garments in the sun in order to kill the bacteria and germs. Remember to avoid washing undergarments or cloth diapers with the other baby clothes as this is not safe or hygienic.
  • Avoid dryer sheets as these can cause allergic reactions, posing a severe health risk to your baby. Most of the dryer sheets tend to eradicate the fire retardant chemicals on the baby’s clothes, proving to be risky in case of fire.

Baby Clothes in Top

Follow the aforementioned tips to maintain baby clothes cleanly and wash them. This will help in maintaining hygiene; keep your baby away from skin irritations, itching, and other allergic reactions.