Spice Up Your Style Quotient This Winter with These 5 Fashion Tips

Winter is considered to be the best season for experimenting with clothes, because pairing old favorite clothes with jackets and overcoat can be very exciting and fun.

Ditch the Boring Black and Brown – Try Something More Colorful!

Now, some of us might feel that dressing up becomes very monotonous with same old black and brown jackets and boots. It is definitely true as 90% of the people choose this combination. These colors are very winter friendly and safe colors that look good with almost anything and everything. If you want to look out of the herd and try something different, start playing with colors. Vibrant and playful colors are very much in trend nowadays. Choose contrasting colors, but at the same time, you have to worry about keeping your body warm.

black and brown jackets and boots

So, here are 5 essential winter-wear clothing choices for this season.

Inner Layer

This is the basic layer touching your skin directly. Wearing a body warmer is a must in winter season. The inner layer keeps you warm and maintains your body temperature. People often commit the mistake of wearing cotton warmers. It’s foolishness to choose cotton warmers as it does nothing good. Opt for a woolen or silk warmer as these fabrics keep the body warm.

clothing choices

Top Wear

On the top, choose full sleeved T-shirt or shirt. Checks and stripes are in fashion this season. Choose vibrant colors like green, orange and yellow. These are the trendiest colors of this year. Since the warmer has done half the job of keeping your body warm, you can choose a thin fabric for your top wear if you want to.

Overcoats and Jackets

You definitely need to wear an overcoat or jacket over your top. Denim jackets were for long not in trend, but this season it’s back again. Short denim jackets look really cool with t-shirts. If you are choosing an overcoat then a little oversized coat will give you the perfect look. Try choosing complementary colours for your top and jacket. It looks soothing for eyes and gives a classy outlook.

Overcoats and Jackets


If you are not wearing a boot with your full outfit then definitely your winter look is incomplete. Ankle boots give an appealing look to the whole outfit. It looks good with all dressing styles. You can even pair a calf length or knee length boots depending on what you are wearing


Scarves are the only accessory that looks good in winter. Wear a contrasting scarf with your outfit to complete the look.

Just keep these 5 basic tips in mind when you go winter-shopping this season and spice up your styling quotient without really spending a fortune on designer clothes and footwear.

Overcoats and Jackets

Shop Online

If you are purchasing trendy boots online, which can be a great option, you can actually save a decent amount of money. But, make sure that you choose a reliable vendor, and go through their return policy, and review the shipping charges. Learn how quickly they will deliver your boots and what will they charge for the service, before really making the payment.

Author Bio – Jolie Fulton is a leading fashion designer, who runs many fashion blogs and often updates new trends and style through her blogs. Her write-ups are always inspiring and motivating for the youth who want to look trendy all the time.