Twilight Fashion Guide for Males – A Vampire Named Edward

Like it or hate it, Twilight continues to be here. With yet another film set to become launched, the figures from the films have grown to be big names to millions all over the world. Their darkly sexy styles took on the existence that belongs to them as numerous men attempt to imitate that lighthearted awesome which has made a lot of women melt around the place.

Vampire Style

A Vampire Named Edward is perhaps the favourite from the Cullen clan. His brooding persona matches his fashion options of grays, shades of black and blues, which obviously fit perfectly together with his misty, overcast atmosphere. By having an air of James Dean swirling about him, this relaxed vamp understands how to pull all of the right pieces together for your mysterious appeal.


If this involves vampires of the underworld, black happens to be their go-to shade and Edward isn’t any exception. Though he regularly dons something black in almost any outfit, you will find other colors that suit into his style. For jeans, keep your fit slim cut to elongate your body and lengthy enough to bunch just slightly around the shoe. Obviously black is classic, but dark washes without any distress will also be great options.


Since he needs to safeguard his skin it is no surprise all of the vampires of the underworld are noticed almost completely covered. For that Cullen-look, combine whitened, grey, navy and black t-t shirts with lightweight jackets just like a grey pea coat, leather jacket or perhaps a cotton jacket. Vampires of the underworld are dead, therefore they cannot have the cold temperature, which describes the possible lack of winter jackets within their chilly climate. If you wish to be in keeping with the appearance, just layer the t-t shirts and lengthy masturbator sleeves to assist develop a barrier against icy weather.


Edward Cullen’s hair is becoming a symbol by itself. Mostly styled following the formerly pointed out James Dean, this casual mess is simplest on men with naturally straight or wavy hair. Having a couple of inches of growth, a couple of days of no shampooing, just a little mousse and some pomade, you are all set.