5 Cool Hairstyles That Make Women Go Weak At The Knees

When was the last time you even considered what women thought about your hair? If you don’t have a girlfriend you might want to start caring, so here are a few different styles they go weak at the knees over.

Short & Even

When most men walk into the barber shop they ask for a short back and sides, but they don’t consider the short and even look. In order to achieve this look constantly you’ll need to get it touched up, so women will know you look after yourself properly. They’ll also love the fact you look completely natural and carefree. Just ask your barber to give you a trim from now on, but tell him to keep everything the same length then you can pop in every month to go another round.

Natural curls

If you have natural curls you shouldn’t try to hide them away because if you get it right the women will think you look great. Your curls will automatically make you look sweet, but you could look rugged and masculine too. Curly hair is also found on a lot of guys who love spending time in the great outdoors. Don’t go near this hairstyle if you need to say the word ‘perm’ to the barber, but if you have natural curls you can try to find the right cut that makes you look great.

Short & Even

Front wave

The front wave is one of the most chic hairstyles you’ll see and if you can pull it off you’ll have women eating out of the palm of your hands. If your face isn’t the slimmest in the world it will also look less chubby with the front wave look which is always nice. If you’re thinking about trying it out the first step is growing your hair quite long. At the end of the day the back and sides will be cut away, but it will still need to be longer than average on top to achieve the look.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is your way of telling the world, ‘I don’t have a hair loss problem, I just want to look great.’ Women want a bad boy and when you don’t have any hair on the top of your head you look rough and ready to go. They will think you’re dominant because you’ll remind them of a soldier who has just come back from a hard-fought war. The best buzz cuts are always as close to the scalp as possible, but you can go a little longer if you prefer.

Buzz Cut

Side Part

If you’re sporting the side part you won’t look like you’ve just come home from a heavy metal concert. You might look like you’ve stepped out from a cigar club after drinking expensive cognac all night. If a women wants someone a little more sophisticated than the average person she’ll chase someone with this look. Getting the style right is the hard part because there are lots of different ways to part your hair, so you’ll just have to get down and dirty with a comb to find the right look for you.

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