Tips for Taking Care and Maintaining your Second Hand Luxury Watch

Your second hand luxury watch is an essential possession that is timeless and useful. But, if you don’t take care of it properly, it will become less accurate, attractive and may not be passed down to the next family generations. If you have decided to buy rolex watch, you must know that it is different and must have a different need. Make sure that you follow the instructions given by the seller or the original booklet that comes with your watch. Here are some care tips to guarantee the longest life, functionality and look for your luxury watch.

Make Sure Your Watch Don’t Get Damages

Regular seawater or chemical exposure can damage your luxury watch’s plated cases, straps and bracelets. The battery of your precious piece will be shortened by high heat while extremely cold temperatures can prevent your jewelry from effectively keeping time. Perfumes and cosmetics can also damage to the straps and plated dials when applied directly to them. When you don’t wear your watch, make sure that you store in its original container. If you don’t have the box anymore, you can get a soft cloth and store it there so that the surface will be protected from scratches.

straps and bracelets

Follow Important Routines for Your Watch

Automatic and mechanical watches must be serviced and cleaned every three to five years to make sure that time keeping has not troubles. Majority of luxury watch owners of watches such as Omega and Rolex do not send in their watches until they stop functioning. This must be a huge mistake because an overhaul on an Omega and Rolex must be as much as 20 percent of the watch’s cost. If you have bought a second hand watch from that comes with a battery, routine maintenance is a recommended as the battery is changed. When the watch uses water resistant seals, it does not require frequent cleaning but it is necessary to change seals every time the case-back is taken out. Otherwise, annual changing of the seals should be done and resistance must be checked through the use of pressure equipment through the agent of the manufacturer.

Automatic and mechanical watches

Luxury Watches: Resistance and Non-Resistance to Water

When you own a luxury watch that is not water-resistant, make sure that you dry immediately. When you are working or will be around water, you must remove your watch when you think it is likely for you to get wet. Certainly, it is a good idea to remove your watch every time you wash your hands. Meanwhile, you have a waterproof watch, it is still imperative to wipe it clean so that any chlorine left on it will be removed. Majority of watches that are resistant to water have protection when exposed to water for a short time period. But, even if your watch is water-resistant, it is possible that the resistance will not last forever. When the watch is continuously exposed to water, eventually the water will penetrate the case and the glass or gaskets will weaken and must be changed.

Luxury Watches

Caring for the Watch Band

A lot of luxury watches, used or brand new, have leather straps which needs special care. When it comes to leather straps, you must consider their exposure to water as they can weaken with water that can cause them to tear. Perfume is also dangerous to straps. Unluckily, perfumes can damage and weaken the watchband, thus you should be careful when spraying it on your wrist. You can put it on first before your watch so that the perfume can dry up and wont’ damage your strap.

Caring for the Watch Band

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