Look Equally Stunning In Your Maternity Clothing!

Most women get excited when they learn that they are pregnant. This excitement is usually short lived because of the many struggles that come with pregnancy apart from the morning sickness, swollen ankles, stretch marks, weight gain, hormonal difficulties and lifestyle change; there is also the constant change in wardrobe size.

At first, expectant mothers are exited and you find them in clothing stores buying new clothes. Then the disappointment comes. These clothes do not last long due to the constant weight gain. Buying new clothes every now and then becomes expensive, especially if you like to be stylish. When this happens, they usually just give up and put on anything that is comfortable without necessarily being stylish.

You do not have to spend a fortune to look stylish during your pregnancy. You only need to pick up a few tricks and you will be okay.

  • What is the issue with body hugging clothes?

Unfortunately, celebrities affect most of the world’s fashion sense and trends. The facts that they wear figure-hugging clothes to show off their baby bumps have some women in a tight situation. You can spot many pregnant women with figure hugging clothes that from the looks of things are the last thing from comfortable.

If you wear body-hugging clothes, you might be exposing your body and there is no need to bare it all. You can go for a fitting shift dress and leggings. This way, your belly is not exposed and you have your dress fitting everywhere else.

body hugging clothes

  • Go bold with colour and print

You are not restricted to plain colours when you are pregnant. Horizontal stripes work magic around an outfit. If you are a plus size, get clothes with minimal print. You can go for small stripes or floral print with less than three colours. If you are small, you can do bold floral print or large stripes and you will look good in them.

  • Add on some bling

In addition to your accessories, go for clothing with a shine to them. Go for silks, shiny sheers or any other material that has a hint of sparkle. However, some additions such as beads and sequins may look shiny but they can irritate you. You can only go for this look if your skin is not too sensitive. Shiny fabrics tend to be artificial and they are not absorbent. Do not turn your whole wardrobe into bling stuff. Make sure that you swap them with comfortable cotton clothes.

  • Keep them flowing

If you can avoid skimpy attire at all times, you will be fine. Flowing dresses not only flatter you but they are very comfortable. You can do a maxi dress with layers of sheer fabric that flow around your belly. This will be a cheap way to look sophisticated and stylish.

maxi dress

  • Wear your clothes with confidence

No matter what you wear, if you wear it with a slouch it will not look good. You must feel good about yourself as you step out into the open. Confidence comes from within. Therefore, shop for clothes that will not make you feel uncomfortable as you walk on the street.

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.