What to Wear While You Are On a Cruise Vacation

A cruise vacation is the most beautiful and joyful time to spend with your family members. You might be super excited for the same. However, to plan a perfect vacation, you have to pack the best clothing. You must know what to and what not to wear, while you are at the dining table, evening event, and lunch in the sun and so on.

Your first evening at the cruise is really important. You will get an opportunity to meet lovely people. Hence, you could wear casual dresses. Men can go for simple denim jeans with a good shirt while women can choose skirts, shorts, Capri, etc. Shorts do not mean the gym shorts. You could enhance your look with a denim or cotton shorts.

What to wear on a sunny day

If you are going for a luncheon on the deck of the cruise, you could wear short skirts with floral prints. Prefer wearing bright color dresses during this time. You could avoid colors like black and brown. A good pair of sunglasses and hat will complete your look. You could buy nice hats for your kids. You could ask your partner to wear white vest with shorts.

On the formal night, you could dress a little different from the usual days. Boys could go for a khaki trouser, suits or polo as per their personalities. Girls have many better things to wear. You could wear the dress you wore on prom night or at a cocktail party. A homecoming style gown will also look nice.

homecoming style gown

There will be a pirate night on the cruise. All love to dress their best for this night. Hawallan print t-shirts, pirate tees and pirates of the Caribbean costumes are widely available. You could buy them to look your best. You could carry these t-shirts with a nice and decent pair of shorts or jeans.

What all you could avoid

If you do not want to dress up for every other event, you could simply wear anything. However, avoid wearing tank tops and swimwear while you are in the dining room. Such dresses are usually not accepted in the dining areas.

tank tops

Now, once you know what to wear, you could pack your bags. However, to look beautiful you need not carry 3 – 4 suitcases. It is better to carry few shirts, shorts, undergarments, swimsuits etc. As the cruise offers laundry service, you could repeat your clothes.

Tips to pack

Initially, you could prepare the list of things you have to pack. Do not forget to carry 2-3 umbrella, raincoats, rain boots, gloves, warm coat, sunscreen, hats etc. You could carry cosmetic items to look beautiful on special evenings.

carry 2-3 umbrella

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