Advice on selecting costumes for a special fancy dress party

Young people today make use of imagery that is available to construct their identities. Television has a large influence on kids and they learn to imitate certain character subconsciously as they watch their favorite starts in the same TV series or shows. Mass media is also responsible for providing a wide range of cultural standards and opinions. Many young people like to aspire to behave and look like their favorite stars.

As they grow, their interests may change and this is evident when they begin to change their style of dressing and behaving. The internet is a great medium for people who are interested in constructing their identities. One can surf the web and gain a lot of information from various sites.

Imitating a character from a Movie is not always easy

Imitating a favorite actor or actress is a great form of flattery and a fast way of learning things. From the time we are infants we learn how to walk, talk and interact with others. You will have an opportunity to look like your favorite character when you attend a fancy dress costume or event where everyone is asked to dress up like a TV character.

fancy dress party costumes

Clothes and styles for every occasion

Select clothes online from stores that sell movie costumes. If you look online you can find stores such as that boasts of a wide range of T-shirts, costumes and accessories of your favorite TV characters. You can get costumes that will allow you to look like the Flintstones or Marilyn Monroe! There is wide array of clothing that will excite you and let you step into the shoes of someone you have always admired. For instance, you could pretend to be Sookie from True Blood or wear a Flash Gordon Outfit to a party. If you are looking for a costume that serves as a body shaper, wear one of the inflatable chub suits and your friends will find it hilarious.

party movie costumes

Select the style that suits you best

You can opt to be a superhero or dress up as one of the romantic heroes of a film. If you wish to appear comical, you could dress up like Simpson or an animated cartoon character like Bugs Bunny from Loony Tunes. Look at the various costumes online that can be worn by people of all ages, even kids and you can start preparing for the role well in advance. If you have been invited as a family, you could get the children and wife to dress up as the Swamp People or look like characters from the Modern Family.

suits you best

Would you rather dress up as the Stunt Man and imitate Peter O’Toole? Your options are numerous and therefore it may be confusing to select the best character that you would like to imitate. Take your time and chose the style that you are most comfortable with. You could opt for a character from a horror movie or a comedy depending on your talents. Be comfortable with the style and try to enact a few scenes or imitate the accent of the actor before you wear your costume and attend the fancy dress party.

Author Bio – Donovan Edwards is an event manager and plans parties for his elite clients. He selects the theme and writes many short articles for a newspaper. One of his passions is to go riding when he is not busy with event planning.