Learning the Numerous Details about Hoodies

Hoodies are very essential especially for covering the head during the winter and even windy days. They are comfortable and cozy and look much better than the traditional age-old caps. They can be worn by men, women, and children of all ages. They were previously commonly known as hooded sweatshirts.

Designs and material used in hoodie

Mostly, the hoodies are made of materials similar to the sweatshirts. Cotton or blends of cotton and fleece is usually used for keeping the wearer warm. Mesh lining is usually used for the ones that the athletics use. Nowadays they are even made of spandex or leather. They are available in several colors, designs with or without printed graphics, pocket or front zipper. The classifications that can be made based on design and texture are explained below.

  • Zip-up hoodie: They have a front opening and are specially preferred by women who do not want to mess up their hairstyle. They can be worn over anything like tank tops, half sleeved or full sleeved garments and even sweater during layering. The zip can be adjusted according to the temperature. The zipped ones usually have pockets on both sides, though sometimes the condition of the zipper affects the durability of the hoodie. It is better to choose a hoodie with a metal zipper since they tend to last long than the plastic ones.
  • Pullover hoodie: They are the traditional ones and widely used. They avoid the itchiness that the wearer usually feels due to the zipper. It is more popular among males since they do not need to worry about the outfit underneath. Some have the neckline broader making the hoodie easier to put on. These tend to have deeper pockets near the bottom of the hoodie which makes them more attractive. Some even have sleeve pockets.

They can also be classified based on the sleeve length. The classifications are as follows.

  • Long sleeved hoodie: They are most suited for use in the winter days. The sleeves tend to extend up to the wrist protecting the hands from cold, snow and even wind.
  • Three quarter or short sleeved hoodies: They are usually worm in mild winter days and look better with tank tops.
  • Sleeveless hoodie: The sleeves usually extend up to the shoulder. It also looks good when paired with tank tops for female and for male it is the best option when they want to show their muscles