Leather Bag Care and Cleaning

Now you’ve purchased your beautiful new leather handbag – and you need to ensure that it stays this way! Leather requires special handling and maintenance to help keep it searching and putting on its best.

To begin with, remember not every leather is produced equal! There are various ways to look after and clean patent leather, suede leather, and handle leather bags.

Below are great tips which should keep the bag searching it would be best for many years:

Patent Leather

Patent leather necessitates the smallest amount of care, because it already includes a protective coating of varnish or lacquer used in the closing steps of tanning.

It is a hard finish, not so breathable, however that means it’s significantly less prone to stains and simpler to wash.

A fast wipe-lower having a gentle soap and preferably sterilized water (as plain tap water frequently has dulling aspects of swimming pool water and minerals) is frequently all that’s required.

To revive the luster if needed, make use of a quality plastic product applied having a soft, flannel.

Never, ever make use of a wax or Vaseline on patent leather! It is a dust magnet instantly, and start looking muddy and dull.

Suede Leather

While suede is unquestionably superbly supple and soft to touch, it’s frequently the toughest to keep clean and maintain, and it is very prone to staining and discoloration.

Obviously the very first factor to keep in mind for suede is, ensure that it stays from water! It’s no protective coating to protect it.

You are able to apply conditioning or waterproofing products to assist safeguard your bag, frequently offered at shoe repair centers it’s also wise to purchase a soft suede brush, and employ it every three or four several weeks to get rid of surface dirt and renew the nap from the suede.

In case your bag does get wet, let it dry naturally. Suede will dry stiff, so brush the nap lightly to revive it.

Kids the nap, remember to clean one way. Circular brushing damages the nap.

When you get a grease or oil stain, put talcum powder and letting it take 24 hrs, and brush lightly.

Another stain removal remedy which has been highly helpful on a number of stains and scuff marks is really a natural or uncolored pencil eraser! But stay away from energetic pressure again, be gentle.

Under no conditions if you work with soap or water based product to wash suede products.

Finished Leather

Moisturize frequently. Leather needs oils to help keep it supple. A conditioning cream for example saddle soap assists your bag well.

Applying protective conditioners before use and also at regular times (a minimum of two times annually) can help stop your bag from becoming dry, cracking and staining. Also, it’s wise to utilize a leather protector. Leather cleaners and protectors are available at just about any shoe repair center.

Always apply products having a clean soft cloth, never straight to the leather as it might cause staining.

Some stains can be taken off with ordinary chalk powder! Crush white-colored chalk and allow it to take a seat on the stain for twenty-four hrs, then just pull out having a flannel.

Bear in mind that the leather bag will age having a natural darkening from the color with time.

General Strategies for All Leather Bags

In case your bag is deserving of wet, let it air dry naturally. Never, under any conditions, make use of a heater or blow dryer! This can dry out and damage the leather.

Never use cleaning solvents or chemicals on the leather bag. Remember, leather is really a natural product, so use natural products onto it!

Keep any small products you may carry that may leak (like cosmetics or pens) in the pouch.

When storing your bag, stuff it with paper or bubble-wrap to carry its shape. Never make use of a plastic bag to keep it in, as it can certainly emit chemicals that may damage the leather, or let the development of mildew as it is not really a breathable material. Make use of a dust bag or natural fiber pillowcase.

Remember, a great leather bag is definitely an investment. Following these pointers to correctly take care of neglect the will make sure you like your beautiful leather bag for years to come.

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