Intimate Accessories From Peaches Boutique For That Perfect Look

At Peaches Boutique, we believe that there can be nothing better than a pretty lady dressed in the best attire. Therefore, to allow you accomplish your goal we come to your rescue to make you look even more stylish and gorgeous. While almost all women strive to look their best, it is always that little faux-paux that they encounter when it comes to wearing that perfect couture.

Your partner in Style

Whether it is a prom night that you intend to be a part of or a party, with the right intimate accessories we ensure that you look picture perfect no matter what time it is. While you make a choice on the right dress for yourself, here we are making you look just the way they do in the magazines. While you wonder how we do that, here is what we help you with.

The Essentials for Your Night Out

Being a one stop shop for all of your accessory needs, we bring to you a wide range of accessories that are known to make you look gorgeous. We endorse and stock up on what we believe and that is exactly what you receive from us. Here is a quick overview of all that we have for you.

Cleavage Accessories – This is something girls swear by when it comes to wearing clothing that is meant to enhance their cleavage. With a simple silicon pad that can be attached to the skin along with strings that can help you with the right lift, there is nothing better than this. You can now bid adieu to the push-ups and the under-wired lingerie and watch yourself look perfect and sexy.

Panty and nipple adhesives – There are times when you intend to ditch that seamed bra and panty but cannot due to the modesty that you need to cover up for. Well, worry no more! We bring to you, skin-friendly silicone panty adhesives and nipple guards (Petal Tops) that camouflage your look while making you wear clothes that are tight and body hugging.

Drawstring Slips/Petticoats – These slips are known to bring about volume to the dresses that you wear. Whether it is a wedding gown or a dress to the prom, you get to receive that fluffy and flowy look while making you look like a princess. These slips are made to keep your dress in place while ensuring that you receive that stylish look no matter what.

Apart from these, we help you with lace garters, clothing adhesive tapes, bandeaus, booty shorts, size cups and bra inserts. You could also present you loved ones with gift cards from our end and let them make a pick.