From formal to casual in a jiffy!

Workwear in the morning, party in the evening – without changing your attire! We present simple tricks on transition from formal wear to casual wear.

Fashion is an ever-changing chimera. Today’s trends are tomorrow’s old news. Even more challenging than keeping up fashion trends is changing your clothing according to the occasion and time of day.

Let’s face it, you’re a busy woman. You work long hours at the office, and if you’re meeting your partner or your friends after work, you have to show up straight from your workplace. There’s never any time to go home and change into casual clothing – but then you enter a pub in your business suit and stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of distressed jeans and crop tops!

Transitioning your clothing from office wear to casual wear does not require a whole new wardrobe, though some new pieces would be nice! Just whip out your preferred shopping app like Jabong and get shopping:

* Oh, shirt! If you thought your staid office shirt is best left for the workplace, think again. There are quite a few ways to jazz up your shirts and blouses and make them suitable for casual outings. The simplest way is to untuck your shirt from your pants or skirt, and to tie up the tails loosely at the abdomen. You achieve a crop top effect just like that. Or if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt over a severe pair of pants, make the ensemble quirky fun by adding a distressed denim jacket before stepping out on a date. There’s a great new range of Dorothy Perkins shirts and blouses that you can wear both to the office and on casual occasions.

* Bottoms up: The trousers and skirts you wear to work are often cut simply and elegantly, leaving no room for frills and surface embellishments. Many women prefer to go to work wearing pantsuits – this qualifies for ‘power dressing’ in the corporate arena. But sometimes you wish to have a little fun with your strictly tailored pants – so just turn up the hems, untuck your blouse and drape your blazer over your arm when you step out of office. Carry a messenger bag or clutch instead of your usual laptop bag. It’s easier to transition from formal to casual wear when you’ve got a skirt on. Just take off your jacket and drape a colourful scarf around your throat, and slip into a pair of bellies or sneakers. There, you’re ready for a night out with friends! Stock up on some pants and skirts from Dorothy Perkins, which has a fresh new range in both on the Jabong shopping app.

* Shoe stories: Here’s a simple trick to rock both the office look and the casual one with the same pair of shoes – wear brogue-type shoes, because they transition effortlessly. Even certain sneakers, like slip ons (not ones with high or thick soles and laces) work really well in this regard. Most women’s footwear, like heeled shoes, sandals and even bellies, go great with both office wear and casual ensembles, so there’s not much thinking required in this department.